I absolutely have to state that I have no ambition to become a food photographer.

I love food, I love the colour and I love the texture but I especially enjoy the fact that as my son has said ‘if it looks bad then I don’t want to eat it’.

This aesthetical judgement is one that is made to often, ‘judging a book by its cover’, judging quality by its appearance without the quality being given chance. This takes me back to my passion of urban decay, to the beauty you can find if you would only look.

Taking time to photograph my meals increased the presentation as I tweaked the position of spinach leaves and such like. I cannot begin to imagine how much time or effort goes into food photography, having worked in the hospitality industry in my younger days I know how much time and effort is taken in food presentation and how quickly this food can change appearance once it is plated.

Hats off to all you food bloggers out there and those who photograph food for the hospitality industry.

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